EISA 2019 - Sofia - 11-14 September

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Section Outline

From its beginnings in the 1950s and 1960s a major concern of the English School (ES) has been to generate theoretical knowledge rooted in the world of practice. At a time of considerable theoretical innovation in International Relations (IR), often inspired by developments well beyond its disciplinary walls, the importance of theory rooted in practice and the language of practice has never been so important. This importance is heightened by a decade of real world change and turmoil. International society is on the move, but where is it heading? What lessons do six decades of ES scholarship provide?  How analytically effective is the focus on state practice? How can analysis of state practice best be executed? To answer these vital questions this ES Section of 5 panels will revisit classical works on world order, historical states systems, and the institutional pillars of international society. It will critically assess new developments in ES thinking. It will also, in a new departure, seek to engage with theoretical perspectives and literature concerned with the view from the Global South.

The proposed section will address these themes as well as other IR subjects relating to the broad English School research agenda. Inside the conference theme, we envisage panels on some of the following subjects:

1) Revisiting classical works on international society: lessons learned?

2) Subaltern, post-colonial and peripheral approaches to international society

3) Power transition and international institutions

4) Change in international society: tracing practice

5) De-Westernizing international society

6) Post-Brexit: The Europeanization of the ES


Section chairs:

Tonny Brems Knudsen, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, e-mail

Peter Wilson, Department of International Relations, LSE, e-mail

BISA 2019 - London - 12-14 June

The CfP is closed. At BISA's 2019 Annual Conference, there will be a number of English School related panels and roundtables on the following themes:

  • The English School, Authoritarianism, and Postcolonialism

  • Managing Global Power Transitions

  • Security and International Society

  • The Aberystwyth Papers 50 Years On

  • Reconvening the British Committee on International Politics

  • Rethinking the IR field in Latin America through the lenses of the English School

  • Challenging Security Research - The Potential of Decentering the Perspectives in IR

We are looking forward to excellent paper presentations and inspiring discussions!

CfP: ISA 2019 – Toronto – March 27th-30th

Update: We are delighted to announce that the English School Section will (co-) sponsor 19 panels at ISA 2019I

The call for papers has been released for ISA Toronto 2019! Proposals can be submitted via the ISA website until June 1st.

Please consider the English School section for your panel and paper proposals. Contact Jamie Gaskarth or Matthew Weinert if you want help or advice.

Importantly: Don't forget to tick the box for us when you renew your membership and put us as first choice if possible for your application as that affects how many slots we are allocated.

EISA 2018 - Prague - September 12th-15th


At this year's Pan-European Conference on International Relations of the EISA there are two specific English School Sections:

Section 12: English School: Resistance and Adaptation in a Changing World Order

Section Convenors: Tonny Brems Knudsen (Aarhus University) and Peter Wilson (LSE)

Section 27: International Society between Turmoil and Order
Section Convenors: Thomas Diez (University of Tuebingen) and Stephan Stetter (Universität der Bundeswehr München)

The CfP is already closed. Registration closes on May 14th.