English School Outstanding Research Paper Awards

Each year the English School section of the ISA gives awards to scholars who have presented outstanding research papers.

The first awards were presented at the ISA 2015. This page lists the awardees and their paper titles.

2019 - ISA Annual Convention Toronto

William Bain (Senior Scholar) - National University of Singapore: 

“Excavating Presuppositions as an Approach to Normative Change”

Robert Yates (Junior Scholar) - University of Bristol:

“The English School and postcolonial agency: social roles and order management in Southeast Asia”

2018 - ISA Annual Convention San Francisco

Barry Buzan and Robert Falkner (Senior Scholar) - London School of Economics

“Global Environmental Politics in English School Perspective: Environmental Stewardship as an Emerging Primary Institution of International Society”

Sanna Kopra (Junior Scholar) - University of Helsinki:

“China and international climate responsibility: Agency and Institutional Change”

Bettina Ahrens (PhD Scholar) University of Tübingen:

"The EU and Ambiguity as a Mechanism of Change in International Society"

2017 - ISA Annual Convention Baltimore

Tim Dunne (University of Queensland) and Ian Hall (Griffith University) (Senior Scholar): 

"Diplomatic Investigations: Essays on the Theory of International Politics"

Carsten Andreas Schulz - Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Junior Scholar):

"The Hague as 'Benchmark' Event in the Evolution of International Society"

2016 - ISA Annual Convention Atlanta

Jorge Lasmar (Senior Scholar) - PUC Minas: 

“When War Becomes Socially Compliant: The Case of the Global War on Terror”

Dimitrios Stroikos (Junior Scholar) University of York:

"International Society in Orbit: Reconceptualizing Order on the High Frontier”

2015 - ISA Annual Convention New Orleans

Tonny Brems Knudsen (Senior Scholar) Aarhus University: 

“Danish Contributions in Syria and Mali: Active Internationalism in a Changing World?”

Filippo Costa-Buranelli (Junior Scholar) University of St. Andrews:

“Do you know what I mean? Not exactly - English School, Global International Society and the Polysemy of Institutions”