ES Bibliography

The following bibliography provides a (nearly) comprehensive compilation of contributions to the English School of International Relations.
In charge of keeping this list updated are currently Bettina Ahrens and Thomas Diez (both University of Tübingen), but this updated version could not have been realised without the tremendous support of Janna Articus and Nicolas Gäckle, both student assistants at the University of Tübingen. A big thank you to both of them! Furthermore, this bibliography builds on the foundational work of Barry Buzan, who has worked on this compilation for many years.
For the time being, we have decided to provide you with a simple alphabetical list of publications.
Yet, we are currently working to set up a database for Endnote, which we will provide for download here. This database will contain tags and keywords, and hopefully will serve as a useful tool for your research.
In order to keep this list up-to-date,
we strongly depend on your support: Please bear with us if you miss a certain publication and assist us by indicating anything that should be added. You can easily do so by sending us an         .
Bettina Ahrens and Thomas Diez in January 2019
Latest update: 5 June 2019
Latest update: 30 July 2015